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The push to the left… November 12, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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At this rate, how long is Pres. Obama going to be smiling?

At this rate, how long is Pres. Obama going to be smiling?


We are beginning to see the forces that will pull Obama to one end of the political spectrum to the other.

Yesterday I posted regarding the Democrats big push for a health care initiative.  Today, the New Republic is basically cheerleading Obama to swerve far left, and do it quickly.  Among there suggestions:

  • Deficits don’t matter again…spend our way out of this economic crisis.
  • Additionally, they now clearly admit that Obama’s policies as stated won’t get us out of the recession…that Clintonian policies in the early 1990s are not fit to work today.  Basically, throw out Clintonomics.
  • That Clinton lost popularity not because of his health care plan, but because it failed.  Um, this only disregards the biggest point…by the end of the Hillarycare debate, 65% of the public was against the plan.  I guess that little fact doesn’t matter.
  • And the penultimate point:  Obama should only worry about bipartisanship when the Republicans are on Obama’s side. Otherwise, forget bipartisanship.

TNR actually bashes the likes of Al From and David Gergen for pushing bipartisanship.  From in fact has an editorial in the Politico today pleading for a post-partisanship administration:


It is fascinating that while there is a clear divide in the Republican party, we are now seeing a clear division of strategy among the Democrats; those that want to veer hard left, and ‘get what they can while they can’, versus the moderate Democrats, who would rather take a slower, more bipartisan path in the hope of establishing a true Democratic majority.

The path Mr. Obama chooses may define the next decade of politics in America.



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