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The hope for a new liberal world order. November 14, 2008

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Who is Obama's ideal?  FDR or Lincoln?

Who is Obama


Peter Beinart has a piece in Time magazine, talking about Obama’s election as the reordering of the political landscape, and forming a new liberal political order.

Which planet is he living on?  Because it isn’t earth.

Let us simply look at the primary platform Mr. Obama won on:

  1. A Middle class tax CUT.
  2. Keeping the top tax rate under 40%.
  3. Keeping capital gains and dividend taxes below Reagan levels.
  4. Limited foreign military involvement.

Now, clearly with health care, increased regulation, etc. Mr. Obama ran as a liberal.  But how often did you hear those policy stands during the general campaign?  Other than health care, almost never.  Basically, Mr. Obama ran on a policy of competence versus the Bush adminstration, and reverting tax policy to Clinton era levels (which were moderate to slightly conservative in historical context).

Um, where is the liberal mandate?

Here is one clear reason this is idiocy; anytime Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin used the word liberal, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden got offended.  Why?  Because of the rebirth of the strong liberal force in America?  If there was truly a liberal revolution, they should have had bumper stickers and placards stating ‘Liberals for America!”.  Instead, they ran from the label.

Beinart goes on to argue that FDR stabilized the economy from waves of change.  Well, he really didn’t do that.  He put a floor down, where he gave the massive quarter of the population that were unemployed hope. But the economy didn’t truly recover until after World War II.  FDR himself accepted this fact.  Liberals today cannot.

FDR did what was necessary in an crisis much worse than today’s crisis.  That is true.  But to give FDR credit for things that never happened is plain stupid.

Despite all the platitudes from the left, this is a center right country.  Yup, I said it.  This is a center right country.  It is relatively moderate on almost all issues.  But there is no clear shift of public perception on policy, even with the Obama election.  Perfect example:


This poll, 1 month before the election. If this doesn’t distill the feelings of the public, nothing will.  52% actually agree with this quote TODAY!!! Liberals, and Mr. Obama in particular, take note.

“Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”




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