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Enough with the Depression… November 17, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Don't worry, be happy!

Don't worry, be happy!

I have had two different experiences since November 4th.  The first group are Republicans that understand that we have lost our way, that understand what President Bush has done wrong, and understand that this loss is way for the core of the party to retake control.  The other half of people (maybe it is less, but they are very vocal) are lamenting the end of the Republican party.

I am sick and tired of the depression.

O.K.  Some realities.  We lost.  Lost relatively badly.  We lost because we had no message, we have no principles, and the public lost faith in us.  Fair enough.

So end the self loathing, and begin anew.

First, as bad as the loss was, it could have been worse.

  1. Obama received only 3.1 points more than Al Gore in 2000 and only 4.6 points more than John Kerry in 2004.
  2. Approximately 4% less Republican voted this year than in 2004.
  3. The Republicans were outspent 3 to 1.
  4. We held on to a filibuster proof minority.

So what should we do going forward?

  1. Accept our defeat, and understand why we lost.  We lost because we have no global view for the public to follow.   Our message is not receptive to the public’s problems.  And there are plenty of problems around.
  2. Find NEW conservative solutions to common problems:  Including jobs, health care, education; pocketbook issues for what Gov. Pawlenty calls the ‘Walmart Voter’.
  3. Focus our message on the War on Terror.  We have made mistakes.  But Al Qaeda is partially defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Victory is now possible in Iraq, especially with the apparent signing of a power of force agreement in Iraq.  Afghanistan is a mess, mainly because of Pakistan, but is manageable.  Many terrorist attacks, some very large, have been stopped.  This has been a major success of the Bush administration, one that future historians will point to as a success.
  4. Focus our energies on the hispanic community.  This group alone could have won John McCain the election, if he had won what Pres. Bush won in 2004.  The immigration issue has hurt us.  It is not realistic to expect us to kick 12 million residents out of the country.  We need to find a compromise, where we don’t give all out amnesty, but somehow give these people a chance to become legal residents.   Anything less, and expect the Hispanic community to become a superminority like African Americans already are for Democrats.  But first and foremost, we must secure the borders.  Otherwise, all other reforms are meaningless.
  5. Fine tune our message to sell in the Northeast and Midwest.  This is possible; just because recent history hasn’t gone our way, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  We cannot be a regional party; we must have a 50 state approach.  Remember that Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984, with a very conservative platform.
  6. Our congressional minorities must present a reasonable agenda.  We cannot be the party of obstruction.  We need to compromise when feasible, obstruct when necessary, but always be ready to present our own proposals.
  7. Promote new candidates for future elections; preferably, advance more minority candidates to provide a new face to the Republican party’s new message.
  8. Adapt the ground game.  The Democrats kicked our butts all over the field this time.  The 72 ground game is over; now the ground game is traditional get-out-the-vote procedures, as well as a systematic approach to the internet.  Blogs are also key.
  9. Don’t worry about 2012; we have better things to worry about.
  10. Finally, and most importantly; be ready to voice our principles in a clear and concise voice.  We are the conservative American Party.  There are social issues that most of us believe, that ultimately are not what people vote on.  We should keep to our beliefs, but to adhere to the 60% rule; if 60% of the public is with us on a issue, focus on it; if not, don’t hide your position, but don’t make it the key to our platform either.  We must be a big tent party; we must allow pro-choice candidates to be part of the party; we must allow Gays the right and reason to be part of the Republican party.  We are all Americans, and the Republican Party must be the party for All Americans.

Stop the lamenting.  Get up, and get going.  The 2010 election is only 23 months away!!!



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