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Hillary Clinton to be next Secretary of State? November 21, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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Secretary Rodham-Clinton?

Secretary Rodham-Clinton?


I have had a couple sources leaking that this was a done deal as early as Tuesday.  Now, it appears higher ups are basically confirming this.  They feel it is Hillary’s job if she wants it.

The only hangup was Bill Clinton’s business dealings.  Apparently, the Obamaites aren’t worried about getting confirmed with 58 Senators on their side.  Besides, if impeachment, lying in court, and sexual misconduct isn’t enough to disqualify him, what else could there be?  Anything short of being Osama bin Laden’s secret lover, and Hillary is a shoo-in.

That said, Hillary is capable.  The only question is does she bring any gravitas to the position.  I think intellectually she is fit for the job; but experience-wise, she is lacking, especially compared to her competition like Bill Richardson and Richard Holbrooke (who largely wasn’t considered mainly because he is an arrogant blowhard).

My main point:  Thank God it isn’t John Kerry…Hillary is infinitely better than him.



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