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Is Obama planning a center right administration? November 22, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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With each new pick by President-elect Obama, an interesting pattern is emerging.  Obama is selecting largely moderate to center right candidates for key positions.  As of now, none of these selections could be called a far left pick (though EPA, Interior, etc. are still left to decide…).

Hillary Clinton was the most right wing of the Democratic party candidates for President.  This is a woman who had a hard time admitting that her vote on the Iraq war was wrong.  She is certainly to the right of Obama on most foreign policy issues, and to the right of some Republicans (see Hagel).

As for Geithner, he is a classic moderate economist.  He has worked under Republicans and Democrats.  He initially worked for Kissinger and Associates; then worked for the Treasury Department under Reagan and Bush 41.    He served in the Treasury department in the Clinton administration.  Nobody would consider him an extremist.

With the supposed consideration of leaving Sec. Gates at Defense, Obama has to be said to be forming, at most, a moderate administration if not a center-right one.  I am not sure how his liberal allies feel about that; but for conservatives, it should be a relief.



1. Andy Christensen - November 22, 2008

Please, not Hillary for Sec. of State. Anyone else but her.

I am a Republican who is conservative on social issues. I voted for Obama because I’m sick of the armed Wilsonianism we’ve had since 1988 and want a change to a more restrained, reasonable foreign policy. It is not a matter of left/right or liberal/conservative, it is a matter of treating others like we would want to be treated or treating the rest of the world as our own personal sandbox. In my view Hillary would not be an improvement at all.

2. neoavatara - November 22, 2008

I understand your feelings about Hillary. I trust her about as far as I can throw her.

But who would you prefer? Bill Richardson is a competent governor, but I don’t know if he would excel at State. Holbrooke certainly has the chops, but is arrogant beyond belief. And then there is John Kerry…I won’t even comment.

I have my reservations about Hillary, but she may be the best of the bunch. As for change, that is coming with or without her. Faster pullout of Iraq, change in Afghanistan, and a more world-centric approach to foreign policy.

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