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Liberal idiocy November 22, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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I personally have never really had anything terrible to say about Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Some, like Bill O’Reilly, hate her; I have never felt that way.

Well, I don’t hate her now…but my feelings have changed.  She is clearly an idiot.  Her piece today:


She comments about al Qaeda’s recent insults at our president-elect, especially of a racial nature.  Then, she argues that those taunts clearly show that Mr. Obama is a threat to al Qaeda because of his skin color and who he is.  She actually says it is good news that they are insulting him in this way.

She is a moron.

If she reads old transcripts, there are similar insults thrown at Pres. Bush for several years.  Wonder if she felt those were positive in nature.  Second, al Qaeda hates AMERICA…Mr. Obama could be the next coming, and it wouldn’t placate them.

Ms. Tucker misses the point completely.  Nothing will change for us in relation to al Qaeda; they will hate us no matter what.  And yes, they hate even Mr. Obama; I know liberals find that hard to believe.  Let us be clear; those terrorists would assasinate Mr. Obama just as easily as Mr. Bush if given the chance; we should not fool ourselves into believing otherwise.

This editorial shows a complete lack of understanding of a simple truth.  Mr. Obama may help change the perception of the U.S.A. with those that already have positive feelings for us…but they won’t change anything as far as those that wish our destruction.



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