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The Obama/Hillary Civil War begins… November 23, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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In a highly predictable occurrence, the guns are being brought out in the next round of Obama v. Hillary.  Interesting how these stories are only in foreign papers…anyway, it appears that there has been significant resistance from Obamites regarding naming Hillary as SecState.  Then, to make matters worse, Hillary obviously asks for total control over the State department.  No surprise there.  But the rumor now is that she also wanted unfettered access to the president, and did not want any intermediaries placed between her and Obama.  More important, she wanted to purge those that attacked her in the previous campaign.  The top on her hit list:  former Clintonista Greg Craig, who was a ‘traitor’ and supported Obama.    Susan Rice, Obama’s lead foreign policy advisor, also is likely to head to the guillotine; she viciously made fun of Hillary’s foreign affairs credentials during the campaign.

None of this is very surprising.  Hillary of course would want to solidify as much of her power as possible; otherwise she would just be a figurehead.  And there is real hatred toward the Clintons inside Obama’s camp.

The question now becomes, does Obama have the Lincolnesque skill to manage such egos?  It will take major skill to smooth things out.  The last thing we need is two enemy camps, one in the White House, and the other in the State Department…



1. Terra - November 23, 2008

Interesting question…

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