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Couple current thought on the Mumbai Massacre November 27, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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  • There are numerous reports that native Mumbaikers did not recognize the language that the terrorists were speaking.  They would certainly atleast have recognized Hindu/Urdu.  Could this be an outside group?
  • If there is a domestic involvement, that is a troubling sign however.  The Indian Mujahadeen has taken responsibility for some low level attacks this year.  They appear to be homegrown.  Indian Muslims, at large, have been resistant to the appeal of terrorism that has been portrayed in the larger muslim world.  For example, as of this time no Indian nationals have been found in either Iraq or Afghanistan; something that cannot even be said of American Muslims.  But if this is a new development, that portends a bad future in store.
  • The West has started to ignore the terrorism problem again, as has been shown by the utter failure of Europe to aid the Afghanistan mission.  This will come back to bite us, and is already showing repercussions in India.  Obama must unify the west and reform the war on terror (call it any name you want, but the war must continue, for the good of all free countries).
  • The resilience of India at this moment may show a form of maturation.  In years past, there would have been immediate Hindu on Muslim violence, especially in the religious strife that is part of the history of Gujarat state, of which Mumbai is the capital.  So far, no riots have been seen.  I am not predicting this will contineu, but let us keep our fingers crossed.  India is a country that is becoming a world power.  There government acted well in face of these innovative attacks.  Now the Indian citizenry must do the same.


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