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The End of the Siege November 29, 2008

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The world unites behind India

The world unites behind India

As of around 10 P.M. EST, the last terrorists were killed or captured at the Taj Hotel, thus ending a 60 hour virtual siege of the largest city in South Asia.

Many questions are left to be answered.  Who were these terrorists; what were there aims?  Did the Indian government respond quickly and competently enough?  What mistakes were made?  And where did the intelligence services fail?

These are questions for the future.  As of today, Atleast 150 people are dead, with hundreds wounded.  The dead were in large majority Indians, but included Americans, Brits, Australians, Italians, and Japanese among others.

In scale of damage and death, this is nowhere near 9/11. But this was an emotional attack.  Several years ago terrorist laid siege on the Lok Sabha, India’s version of Congress.  I find that people were less affected by that event than this one, which speaks volumes.

At the same time, the Indian public, as of right now, has acted exceedingly well.  In the past, this would have immediately led to race riots.  This time, so far so good.  Only time will tell if the peace lasts.

The free nations of this earth, led by the United States, and with Britain, India, Japan, Australia, the European Union, and anyone else who is willing, must unite in this common cause.  The terrorists won this round, but only with our fear will we lose the war.



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