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Pres-elect Obama’s National Security Team December 1, 2008

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Mr. Obama is about to name Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.  Additonally, Obama also is expected to finally confirm that he is keeping Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his current post, and to name retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones as his national security adviser at the White House, the officials said.  Two sources close to the transition said Obama will nominate Susan Rice as United Nations ambassador; Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as homeland security secretary; and Eric Holder as attorney general.

So my opinion of all this?  Well, a very moderate, pro-Iraq national security team.  There is not one real antiwar person in the group; some, liek Napolitano, were borderline against the war.   Don’t believe me?  Go look at the Huffington Post and DailyKos for the past week.  True liberals are up in arms.

I think generally these are very solid picks.  I have voiced my concerns about Ms. Clinton.   For example, what special experience does she have dealing with the crisis in India?  That is the current flash point, and it makes you wonder of Richard Holbrooke or even Bill Richardson would have been better picks.  Only time will tell.



1. Joseph - December 1, 2008

hillary is great at anything she does. be thankful.

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