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Is this change we can believe in? December 2, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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I am surprised that the liberal bloggers are not having a stroke.  Yesterday, in one single move, Obama basically threw out any real repudiation of the Iraq war, other than propaganda.  He chose Ms. Clinton, who voted for the War; General Jones, who supported the war and the surge; and Mr. Gates, Mr. Bush’s SecDef.  And of course, General Petraeus is still in charge in the middle east.  Um, this is change?

Not one major opposition figure of the war is now in the cabinet, save the President elect himself.

Mr. Obama still holds to the decision of a 16 month pullout timetable, with the restriction that he will listen to his commanders on the ground; sound familiar?  Liberals may not agree, but basically Mr. Obama has accepted the Bush timetable.  As of right now, the Pentagon has plans to remove the majority of troops in about 12 months, with the caveat that the timetable will change if commanders on the ground deem it necessary.  Um, what is the difference?

The reality?  There is no difference, other than rhetoric.  Mr. Bush refused to say when they would pullout.  Mr. Obama is not under any type of restriction.  Other than that, the Bush policy moves forward.



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