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The New Allies December 5, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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Free States of the World Unite!

Free States of the World Unite!


The Mumbai attacks cemented something that has been evolving for the past two decades:  the close alliance of India and the United States.

The two largest democracies on earth have always had reason to align, but always found barriers.  After Independence, Prime Minister Nehru wanted India to lead the non-aligned nations, as a buffer to the U.S. and Soviet Union.  This did not work out so well.  Ultimately, India angered the U.S. more often than not, and actually aligned itself with the Soviet Union more than the democracies of the world; ultimately picking the losing side.

Since the early nineties, however, economic necessities have brought the two nations together.  The U.S. is now clearly India’s most important economic partner, as can be witnessed by the multitude of U.S. companies with Indian headquarters.

The alliance was furthered, unfortunately, by 9/11.  After England, India lost the most foreign nationals on that day.  India, more than any other democracy outside of Israel, has been the target of the same terrorist elements.

The most recent attacks only clarify an already existing reality.  By aligning with India, Israel, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Japan, England and the European Union, the United States is forming an alliance of power against the forces of tyranny, on the scale of World War II.  This is not a war of the west versus the east, as India and Japan clearly show.   Even Afghanistan and Iraq’s slowly evolving governments see the threat.  Additionally, even the major powers left out of this ‘alliance’, Russia and China, are providing support at times, and are certainly not against the main goals of the alliance.

Militarily, the U.S. and India have clear common interests:  to act against terrorists, keep sea lines open, and balance out the growing Chinese threat.

Ultimately, the biggest hurdles may be the greatest opportunities.  Pakistan, for one, is a country that inherently could be aligned with this alliance; they have historically been a moderate muslim country, and despite all the protests to the contrary, they need India as much as India needs them.  Only together can they truly prosper.  Pakistan’s total existence may now lie in its ability to fight terrorists on its own soil.  And it may be that victory can only be attained with the help of their old ally, the United States, and their oldest enemy, India.



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