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Pakistan’s response December 9, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Pakistan and India continued their diplomatic tit-for-tat today.

India has released the names of the terrorists that were killed in the Mumbai attacks.  All were from Pakistan.

Pakistan continues its raids of LET offices. However, Pakistan says they refuse to hand over the terrrorist leaders.  And they add that they are ready for war if necessary; the usual Pakistani gambit.

This has historically been how Pakistan has acted.  LET leaders have been arrested in the past, only to be released later.  This time, it does not appear that this will satisfy the world community.  At the very least, Pakistan must put them on trial, in an open forum, where they answer for their crimes.  Better still would be to hand them over to the Indians for trial.

But are the Pakistanis miscalculating?  Anger among the public is at a new level in India, and Pakistan cannot underestimate its force on India politicians, especially with elections in the near term.



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