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Is Pakistan’s actions all a show? December 10, 2008

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The beauty of Kashmir

The beauty of Kashmir


For the second time in a decade, Pakistan placed terrorist leader Masood Azhar, leader of  Jaish-e-Mohammed, under house arrest yesterday.

However, there is serious suspicion in New Delhi and Washington that this is the Pakistanis usualy ‘catch-and-release’ routine.  Pakistan has balked at turning over suspects to India and has declined to release the names of most of the 22 people it has reportedly rounded up since the raids began Sunday. Despite encouraging rhetoric from senior Pakistani leaders, U.S. officials say it is not yet clear that Pakistan’s government is willing, or able, to crack down on the country’s anti-India extremist groups, some of which are linked to al-Qaeda.

For example, on Monday, police officials in Lahore said they planned to shut down the facilities of banned militant religious groups. But the Jamaat-ud-Dawa mosque and headquarters remained open hours later, and it was unclear whether Sayeed would face arrest.

This action is highly unlikely to be enough this time around.  Both the U.S. and India are demanding more action behind the scenes.  And India has been remarkably measured in their actions so far.

A senior Indian official dismissed Pakistan’s raids as nothing new, and far short of the “concrete action” demanded by the scale of the carnage in Mumbai. “We have been there and we have traversed that road before,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Let us wait and see if there will be a realistic change on the ground.”



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