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Obama’s first political crisis December 10, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Well, Obama didn’t need this.

When a close supporter, a man that was on the first list of political inner circle elites for your campaign, goes and does something ridiculous illegal and stupid, it can’t do anything but hurt.

Although there is absolutely NO link to Obama on the corruption charges, this further tarnishes Obama’s link to Chicago’s well known political corruption.  Furthermore, the response from the Obama people has been tepid at best.  First, David Axelrod has to state that he ‘misspoke’ when he claimed that Obama and the Illinois Governor spoke regarding who would replace Mr. Obama in the senate.  First, I think it is a little to late to take back that statement, which was made weeks ago.  Second, I think it is absurd to believe the Mr. Obama would not have spoke to Blagojevich about the seat.  Are we really to believe that Obama was totally out of the loop on these discussions?

Now, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is calling for a special senate election in Illinois to replace Mr. Obama.  This will cost the taxpayers significant amount of money, not to mention that the Democrats will now have to defend the seat.  Unlikely that the Republicans could really post a significant challenge in Illinois, but you never know.

Again, Obama doesn’t have any direct connection to these corruption charges…but not a good way to start the month of December.



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