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Pakistan moves on the terrorists. December 12, 2008

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Pakistan moved aggressively Thursday against an Islamic charity with links to militants suspected in the Mumbai attacks, freezing the group’s assets, putting its leaders under house arrest and padlocking its offices.

The moves against Jamat-ud-Dawa could help convince India and the United States that Pakistan is cracking down on militants blamed for the Nov. 26-29 assaults, but it also risks igniting Muslim anger at its already shaky, secular government.

Central Bank spokesman Syed Wasimuddin said Pakistani banks had been ordered to freeze the group’s assets. It is unclear how much money the group has under its control, but its Web site has details of a bank account for donations.

But it is not all positive.

Pakistan’s largest Islamic party, a fervent supporter of the struggle in Kashmir, condemned the U.N. move as an attack on Pakistan’s independence and threatened protests.

“The people who are struggling for the freedom of Kashmir would be discouraged,” Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, told the AP. “We will be with the people if they decide to come out onto the streets to protest.”

For now, Pakistan is making all the right moves.



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