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The Minnesota Election Fiasco December 13, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Minnesota has a reputation for nice people and clean elections.  And as a former Minnesotan, I can attest to the that.

The 2008 Senate election is aiming to destroy all of that.

This isn’t really about partisanship; it is more about stupidity.  The recount process, where ever you are, should count votes equally so that the public and contestants feel that they got a fair accounting of the votes.

133 votes from Minneapolis ‘disappeared’ between the election and time of the recount.  Whether they really disappeared, or never existed in the first place, no one knows.  In any case, they don’t exist today.  A canvassing board then decided to include the MISSING VOTES.

That is right; the recount is now counting imaginary votes.

Now, if these votes are really missing, go find them.  There is accounting of all votes nowadays.  Have the FBI called in. Do whatever you have to to show the existence or lack thereof of these votes.  But to just count them, even though you can’t find them, seems like calling a Mulligan.

To complicate matters, the recount is varying in methodology from county to county.  The treatment of rejected absentee ballots has varied from county to county among Minnesota’s 87 counties. Some counties — including some strongly Republican counties — have declined to sort rejected absentee ballots in the “recommended” manner. Other strongly Democratic counties such as St. Louis counties, the source of many late-arriving and mysteriously appearing Franken votes after election day, have relatively whopping numbers of “fifth pile” rejected absentee ballots.

This needs to be corrected, and quickly.  Minnesota’s reputation holds in the balance.



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