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British PM to South Asia December 14, 2008

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is on his way to India and Pakistan, in hopes of coming to a quick diplomatic settlement of the ongoing crisis.  This was one day after Pakistan reported that Indian fighter jets briefly, and supposedly ‘inadvertantly’, entered Pakistani air space.

The talks came as reports emerged that the lone surviving attacker involved in the siege on Mumbai had confessed to his role in the assault on the city.  Mohammed Ajmal Kasab said he and his partner, who massacred dozens of people in the city’s main train station, had planned a rooftop standoff, but abandoned the plans because they couldn’t find a suitable building, the statement to police says.  Additionally, he now is asking the Pakistani ambassador for legal help as a Pakistani citizen…yeah, right.

Additionally, more pressure is being placed on India to quickly present its facts in the case to Pakistan and the international community.  Quick consensus on the guilt of any Pakistani based terror groups could unite global opinion, and give Pakistan more cause to move against these groups.

Later in the day, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated that they would like to ‘normalize’ relations with Pakistan, but only once terrorist groups were cleansed from Pakistani soil.

On a side note, portions of the Taj hotel are scheduled to open on December 21, just one month after the attacks…

People hold a demonstration of solidarity outside the Taj hotel on Saturday.

People hold a demonstration of solidarity outside the Taj hotel on Saturday.



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