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Afghanistan: A war that must not be lost. December 15, 2008

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Joe Klein has become so illlogical over the past few years, it is difficult to remember him as a legitimate journalist.

Klein in Time this week argues that the war in Afghanistan has lost focus, and it is questionable whether it is worth fighting.  He calls it an ‘aimless absurdity’.

It was that kind of stupid thinking that created the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the first place.  As usual, we have fools who look only at the short term.  Afghanistan is not going well.  That is a reality.  But why is that?  Because it is no longer a war; it is a nation building project.

Afghanistan is not much more than a pile of dirt with a few rocks.  It may not even have a few rocks.  There is nothing worth anything there. And that is why the scum of the earth loved it so much; no major power wanted it, so the dregs of the world ended up with it.

Afghanistan and western Pakistan may be the most important pieces of dirt on the planet right now.  The majority of the destabilizing violence and hate of this planet eminates from there.  Joe Klein may be too stupid to understand that; thankfully President-elect Obama understands just fine.

These are the kind of idiotic lines of thinking that Mr. Obama will have to fight off from his left wing.  Obama understands that unlike Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are vital to American security.  Fools on the left don’t accept this, but atleast our next president, no matter how liberal he is, does.



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