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How the Mumbai terrorists failed. December 15, 2008

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The bullet holes and pockmarks from shrapnel at Leopold Cafe will remain uncovered for now.

The bullet holes and pockmarks from shrapnel at Leopold Cafe will remain uncovered for now.


It is useful to analyze terrorists aims and goals, and how often they achieve them.

It can be argued, that as painful as it was, 9/11 was an Al Qaeda triumph, because they shattered the feeling on invincibility on the American homeland; of course, the repercussions had terrible consequences for Al Qaeda as well.

With the Mumbai terrorists, there goals were two-fold; one, to shake the nerve of the Indian people, and two, the destroy the growing detente between India and Pakistan to further their initiatives in Kashmir.

On the first, it appears they have failed, and miserably.  Sure, for the days during the terrorist attacks, India as a country was shaken.  And some time afterward, there was certainly disbelief that the government could fail so catastrophically.  However, in the above post regarding the Cafe Leopold, one of the sites attacked in Mumbai, what you see is defiance.  People, like in New York before it, are not living shuttered in their homes; in fact, they are actively seeking out terrorist sites.  Whether as sightseers, gawkers, or rebels against terror, the one thing this shows is that the India public is more resistant than the terrorists give them credit for.

As for peace between between India and Pakistan…well, time will tell.  But so far, both nations have shown the appropriate amount of restraint and patience.



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