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Emanuel pushed for Senate Selection December 17, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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The Chicago Sun Times reports that future Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel actively pushed for the selection of Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett as Senate replacement for Barack Obama just days after the presidential election.  This goes contrary to several statements of the Obama team over the past week.

The Obama team downplayed interest in Jarrett last week.  Additionally, at one point, an “emissary” who said he represented Jarrett had discussions with Blagojevich chief of staff John Harris and the governor about naming Jarrett to the post, according to a criminal complaint.

Emanuel’s discussions do not indicate he was involved in dealmaking with the governor. However, his deeper involvement creates a sticky political situation for Obama.

The more troubling aspect is not a criminal one.  It is how the current issue has been handled.  Obama promised more transparency from his presidency.  So far, that is seriously lacking.  Even the delay is acceptable in releasing the full results of the internal investigation.  What isn’t acceptable is the back and forth statements that now show questionable truthfulnesss.  This cannot last much longer.



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