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Rampant Nepotism December 18, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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It isn’t like nepotism is a new thing.  But within the past few weeks and months, it seems to have gotten completely out of control.

The most recent flood of nepotism, I guess, started with the Bushes back in 1994.  But since, it has been spiraling out of control.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is the most recent example.  Caroline seems like a nice and smart enough person.  But this is a woman who, if anything, has avoided the limelight for most of her life.  She undergone no real vetting.  And now we find out she barely voted since registering in New York in 1988, particularly important being that she missed multiple votes on the Senate seat she now hopes to take.  Not to mention, she is the least politically experienced woman this side of Wasilla, Alaska.

Then there is the race to replace Ken Salazar in Colorado…and who pops up, but his big brother!  What a surprise!  Joe Biden is not left out of the act, by basically trying to find a seat wamer for Delaware’s Senate seat until his son Bo returns from Iraq to take the family inheritance.  Jesse Jackson’s son was intimately involved in the Blago controversy in Illinois, though it does not appear he was involved in anything corrupt.  Two members of the Udall clan became senators from the southwest.

This says nothing about Hillary Clinton, who I think is a smart woman; but really, is she ready to be Secretary of State because she knows the place settings as first lady?  Would she be considered if not for the name Clinton?

So, pretty interesting that after 8 years of a president that liberals said only got their on his daddy’s coattails, now we have the Liberals taking the nepotism mantel.



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