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Pakistan Dodges Again December 26, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in World Politics.
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India troops on the Pakistani Border

India troops on the Pakistani Border


Traditionally, Pakistan usually tries to divert its publics attentions, as well as the world’s, when a crisis with India arises, especially when Pakistan itself is more culpable.

Well, let tradition continue.

Pakistan is diverting atleast 20,000 troops from the Afghan border in its fight against the Taliban to the Indian border.  This would be acceptable if India had moved troops to the border. However, India has not had any large scale troop movments in the past few weeks, and has gone out of its way to state that.

On Thursday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi warned India to refrain from launching any strikes against Pakistan, according to a report in The Nation newspaper.

Another unnamed Pakistani military official told CNN that the Pakistani military has been taking precautionary measures to safeguard borders in the face of mounting military threats from India over the Mumbai attacks.

Indian defense spokesman Sitanshu Kar stated that India has not had any soldier movements out of the routine, and that overall forces in the area has stayed stable for one year; this is something that has been confirmed by U.S. intelligence as well.

The U.S. State Department asked for both sides to temper down the rhetoric.  China added its voice as well, as Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi unexpectedly called his counterparts in New Delhi and Islamabad to try to broker peace talks.

Largely, this is a diversionary tactic from Pakistan.  Pakistan actually can move troops to its border with India much faster than India can do the reverse, because of Pakistan’s small size.  And threats of air attack is overblown; India’s airforce, although larger, is no more technically advanced than Pakistan’s, and both have powerful air defense systems.  The only logical explanation is that Pakistan’s army is unwilling or unable to make any more concessions to India on the terrorists, and is looking for a way to divert the International community’s attention.  India, for its part, has been largely restrained, and has not aceded to its public’s cry for military action.



1. hersh - December 26, 2008


Five reasons for and against Indo-Pak war
I write this with no levity– there is a strong case to be made against a war in the subcontinent. There is, however, also a case to be made in favor of one. I’d make the two, and hope to read your comments and views on the topic.

The case against is indubitably fiercely strong and, long term interests given preeminence, a most incontrovertible one. I’d enunciate five “pillar” arguments in favor of Peace in the Indian subcontinent;
The two nations are nuclear-armed.
The countries are poor, and densely populated, making widespread misery inevitable.
A war will make matters much worse
External interference will increase after a war
Multinational entities and capital will leave the region in droves, and development and commerce will be set back a century.

However, as I said in the beginning, there is constrained logic that makes a hesitant case in favor of a war


2. The Duke - December 26, 2008

Pakistan Ambassador to the UN states ” We are a country of rule of law and must have evidence to prosecute anyone for the crime terrorism”. It is really unfortunate that the administration in the US does not feel the same instead of abrogating world treaties and unilaterally embarking on schemes that the world finds revolting and then defends their actions!! Thsnk God it is coming to and end in January. Even 75% of US citizens agree with this.

neoavatara - December 26, 2008

Even if you believe this, it doesn’t give Pakistan any excuse. They must abide by international standards as well. If they are unwilling to do so, then they should accept that India, too, has the right to unilaterally act, regardless of the repercussions.

3. George - December 26, 2008

India should go all the way to the other border. No return this time until the job is done. Its high time India behaves more responibily towards its citizens who are like sitting ducks and being shot at by Pakistanis. Go India – Go ahead

4. Khan - December 27, 2008

For all of those who love war and belive India has a right to attack that would be the biggest blunder of this century war is not a soultion and i don’t think anyone should advocate it…so let them calm down and remeber after war there will be blood and death on both sides in that case the number could be more in india than in pakistan because of its large population…stop promoting war!!!!!

5. THE TRUTH - December 27, 2008

You obviously only read US news. If you were paying attention to International news you would see that India has been building up troops along the Pakistan border for a couple of weeks. My husband, who is about 30 miles from the Indian border in Pakistan right now, has seen first hand evidence of this. Get the facts before forming an opinion. It while make you appear smarter than this piece does.

The other issue: Pakistan is not small. It would take at least a day to move any troops from the northwest to the eastern border. They might be smaller, but the infrastructure for transportation is not as strong as India.

You seem very good at quoting, yet you don’t quote any of the “rhetoric” where Pakistan is basically begging Indian for information on the attacks so Pakistan can investigate this.

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