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Regarding India/Pakistani Troop Movements December 27, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in Politics, World Politics.
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There has been some argument from commenters on this blog that I am only taking one side of this debate.  Well, full disclosure.  My parents are from India, though I was born and raised in the United States.  So clearly, I will never be 100% objective.

However, I try to gain as many facts as possible.  Several commenters have stated that they have ‘proof’ that India has massed troops on its border as well.  Well, other than one commenters spouse (which I don’t consider fact, considering I have no idea who the spouse is).  I have seen no evidence of India moving additional troops in the area.  Actually, all evidence points to just the opposite, with links to articles here, here, and here.  The closest I could come to showing India moved in troops was this article, which denies any additional troops.  This article talks about Pakistan retaliating against Indian troop movements; however, the  U.S. has backed India’s statement on these facts so far.  These kind of claims by Pakistan are routine, as this article from CNN shows from October, before the Mumbai attacks.

So right now, the only confirmed troop movements that I can gather from any reliable news sources are from the Pakistani side, not the Indian side.  If any of the commenters would like to post links to prove otherwise, I fully welcome that.

As for facts regarding the Mumbai terrorists, at this point I am not sure any facts would get the Pakistani leadership to admit anything.  They can’t even admit that the one surviving attacker is from Pakistan, even after the attacker’s own father, in a Pakistani village, confirmed his son’s identity.  If Pakistan cannot admit even the simplest of facts, then what is the use of providing more intelligence?  Pakistan is admittedly asking for more evidence, this is a fact.  India, of course, is wary of giving up intelligence to the Pakistanis, afraid that the information will find its way into Kashmiri terrorist groups hands; a not so far fetched concept, considering the Pakistani ISI helped create and promote many of those same groups.

Again, at this time I see no evidence that India is preparing any type of strikes into Pakistan.  The Indian leadership understands that it has far more to lose than the Pakistanis is case of war.  I still believe that the ball is in Pakistan’s court.  They can either take real action against the terrorists and hardliners within their own government, or choose not to.  But this time, it appears the international community is ready to place consequences on either decision.



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