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Interesting Bedfellows December 29, 2008

Posted by neoavatara in World Politics.
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Martin Fletcher of NBC News has an interesting editorial, discussing what Israel’s endgame in Gaza is.  I think the more interesting part of the discussion is who is benefiting from the slow dismantling of Hamas in the Gaza Strip through Israel’s all out assault.

We are seeing large scale protests against Israel across the world, especially in Arab States.  But do these countries really want Israel to stop?

Egypt doesn’t want hardliners to succeed because of discontent in their own country; Hamas failing in next door Gaza helps them.  Jordan, Saudi Arabia?  Both want Hamas to go away.  Hezbollah and Lebanon both gave lukewarm support to Hamas.  If Hezbollah really wanted to help, they would open a second front against Israel in the north; they have basically refused to do that.

The biggest winner, surprisingly, may not be Israel at all; it may be Palestine; or more specifically, the Fatah-controlled West Bank.  After fighting a virtual civil war in Gaza several years ago (and losing), Fatah is delighted that Hamas is causing their own destruction.  In fact, there are rumors that Fatah is providing intelligence to Israeli intelligence services.



1. dan - December 30, 2008

(this may sound slightly off topic, but for those unaware its nice to do some research before coming to conclusions)

Besides a massive humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip that was barely being reported, Israel stepped up patrols and occupation many years ago, and mainly the U.S. media will not report from the other side of the conflict. When you see children throwing rocks against tanks and men firing AK-47s its because they are being oppressed.

Just look at any satellite map and you’ll see a disproportionate color in Gaza vs Israel because of lack of water and infrastructure in Gaza. Israel has been surrounding Gaza for years and slowly taking over inch by inch. In the longest civil war in modern history the sudden moves by Israel are truly seen as they are: invasive. I’m surprised many people are just waking up to this now, but this has been going ongoing for decades including areas other than the relatively small Gaza Strip.

2. Mike - December 30, 2008

Awesome….as an American of Indian origin…wish India would do the same to Pakistan. Israel has every justification to stop terrorist rocket attacks

neoavatara - December 30, 2008

This is absolutely true. The Palestinians have not gotten equal treatment under the Israeli regime. They get less money per person in places like East Jerusalem. I would never argue with their second class status as part of Israel.

But this is different than other situations. For example, Jimmy Carter called it apartheid. Well, that is just stupid. Why? Because here, Israel wants to give the Palestinians their freedom. There is no disputing that. All but the most extreme hardliner agree that Palestine must exist as a individual country. The only thing holding that up is terms of independence. In fact, if Gaza wanted independence tomorrow, they could probably have it. Problem is, the Palestinians are not ready to govern themselves, and are largely dependent on Israel for survival, as we have seen in the past year from Gaza.

3. Calvin - December 30, 2008

Dan writes: “When you see children throwing rocks against tanks and men firing AK-47s its because they are being oppressed. ”

I think there may be a more logical and direct causal link here to consider. When a child is taught to hate, they do so with wreckless abandon. Palestinian children are taught from birth to hate. Its in their religion to hate. Its what they do. They are so consumed by it that you can see nothing but destruction anywhere Islam goes.

4. dan - December 30, 2008

Calvin you should investigate a bit more. Yeah they are taught to hate, but ask yourself why?? Israel has been at war constantly with neighboring areas since 1967! Watch this video and see the stories that don’t make the mainstream media

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