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Is Obama’s Silence Worsening the Gaza Situation? January 3, 2009

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Ralph Peters of the New York Post has a column regarding the Gaza operation.  He goes through how the Israelis are trying their best to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

More interesting though, in my humble opinion, is that Israel’s timing of this operation occurs weeks before Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Coincidence?  Peters doesn’t think so:

Even the timing of Israel’s strike at Hamas has been driven, at least in part, by the coming power transfer in Washington. The immediate trigger was the hundreds of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel after the terrorists refused to renew an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire, but Israel’s leaders also counted on steadfast support from the Bush administration in its final days.

Obama’s an unknown quantity, though. While hysterical claims that he’ll be pro-Islamist from start to finish are absurd, even minor shifts away from supporting Israel’s struggle against terrorists could have catastrophic consequences. And Israel’s vaunted intelligence services can’t tell their superiors what Obama will do, since few (if any) of the president-elect’s supporters know what he intends to do.

In fact, the president-elect may not know himself. He’s a babe in the woods, and the woods are full of wolves. Fighting political rivals doesn’t prepare you for fighting terrorist fanatics.

For now, Israel must worry that a major ground offensive against Hamas would be halted halfway by the withdrawal of US support, both diplomatic and practical. The IDF even counts on us to replenish reserve stocks of the guided weapons that minimize civilian casual ties or penetrate tunnels and bunkers. Israel could find that it had paid a grim price in the blood of its sons and daughters, only to be robbed of the chance to hand Hamas a meaningful defeat.

An interesting opinion.  And one I think I agree with.  Obama could lessen Israeli aggression by actually coming out and supporting their right to defend themselves.  Ironically, Al-Jazeera of all networks agrees with this sentiment.  This would actually give Israel more belief that the new administration would make Israel’s security a priority; something that Obama has gone both ways on in the presidential campaign.



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