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A Vote for Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman January 4, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Ken Blackwell


Six Republicans are now running for RNC Chairperson: Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, Saul Anuzis, Katon Dawson, Mike Duncan (the current chair), and Chip Saltsman, who I believe excluded himself from contention by his racially derogatory comments recently.

Currently, Duncan seems to have the edge, but barely.  He was chair during the disastrous 2006 and 2008 campaigns.  How he can be considered to be renominated is beyond me.  The other candidates are solid, but not extraordinary.  Steele is an excellent candidate, but he is a moderate, and how he would unite the party is up for debate.

Ken Blackwell, former Secretary of State of Ohio, and former Gubernatorial nominee, has been endorsed by numerous conservatives today, as a step toward trying to unify the conservative wing of the party.  The drawback of Blackwell is that he is a staunch conservative on social issues as well; he is strongly pro-life and against gay marriage.  However, for a party that needs to recover its base, it might be the right move.  Additionally, Blackwell is very popular in Ohio, a must win state, and might be able to unite both the conservative and moderate wings of the party.

Right now, the Republican party needs a new face, not a new ideology.  The Republicans lost not because of their values, but because of the lack of adhering to those values. The Republicans must give their supporters something to believe in.  Blackwell may be able to do that, and I am convinced he has a better chance than the other five candidates.  Republicans should give him the nod to lead the party going forward.

P.S. – On a side not, Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia is to be named Chairman of the DNCAn excellent choice IMHO.



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