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India Gives Proof Of Pakistani Link January 5, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in World Politics.
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India finally acquiesced to Pakistani demands, and today handed over a  large bulk of their data supposedly proving links between Pakistani groups and the Mumbai terrorists.

The evidence handed to the Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi on Monday included material from the interrogation of the lone surviving gunman, details of conversations between the gunmen and their alleged handlers in Pakistan, recovered weapons, and data from satellite phones, according to a statement from India’s foreign ministry.

The transfer of evidence has been a long stated demand by the Pakistani government since the beginning of this crisis.  Now, one of two things will occur.  Either Pakistan will accept the facts and move against the terrorist groups (highly unlikely, though this is what we all hope will happen); or the Pakistanis will deny the facts as presented, and the stalemate will continue.



1. Nickolay Kotev - January 5, 2009

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2. sulochanosho - January 5, 2009

This whole issue of ‘Proof of Pakistani Link’ talk is quite buffoonery. The only option left there is simply: Perform or Retire, Act or Quit.
Nothing else. Drags, dramas, dialoguess and doing nothing are the proven tools used by our system there to fool the issue. Global politics hardly touches the head of the reality. Beating around the bushes and never arriving at the roots are what we frequently do under our rotten political system and establishments.

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