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Obama: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! January 10, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Economy, Politics.
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Obama is predicting that once his stimulus plan is passed, it will save over 4 million jobs, greater than the 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008.

Well if it that is all, let us go on living our lives.  Heck, the recession is over!  Why are we all fretting?  Why are we worried about the 1/2 million jobs lost last month, and the 7.2% unemployment rate?  According to the president-elect, we will have less unemployment a year from now.  Well, that makes me feel a lot better…I will stop worrying about the economy, and start worrying about spring training.

I plan to save this video for January 2010…



1. YoMan - January 21, 2009

Start worrying about his agenda then. We as Working class Americans are gonna get screwed royaly in the coming firestorm.

Welcome in the New World Order. So elected and voted on.

You all asked for change, your gonna gat that change…. NOT I WAS KIDDING

2. Griff - July 3, 2010

I think this post was satire

3. scott - November 6, 2010

I sayIf ever one can wright a book on there life or about someone they would . I did not vote for him but i new hope &.change that him & voteters has not got here in p.c alabama & im sure in lot more states its the same ever one i see or no there never happy there sad there ‘s no money there No family get toghers no jobs it like there life’s have been sucked right out mean sad hungry zombies but alive -UsA come on i can not be the only one to see this USA is not what it spells anymore its -U . S AD. A merican stop help the next state help a friend help your mom or dad today now! Help someone fix our laws fix help its all over open your eye’s don”t hate be nice to anyone we or way out of hand i see it ever were i go Sad mean hate want look your way humans were called. No wake up were the one’s that made use what we or to day but look now Im just one man you will see these all over look.. p.s I love U.S.A the old one the good old day’s or gone bring them back HELP someone anybody- -USA ! USA ! help

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