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The Self-Destructive Democratic Party Makes A Comeback! January 10, 2009

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Gloria Berger of CNN beat me to it, but I have had this thought for weeks.  The Republicans have been very self destructive over the past few years, either from exhaustion from being in power to plain stupidity.  Well, the Democrats have been in power 2 years in Congress, and not yet in the White House, and they are off to a great start.

First, there is the Gov. Blagojevich scandal (foremost, among several scandals).  The stupidity of the whole enterprise is shocking.  First, they played chicken with Blago, daring him to pick a senate replacement; and so he does, and the Democrats look impotent in response.  Then, when Roland Burris shows up, they lock the door reminicent of George Wallace.  All the time, they are stupid enough to believe that they have the law on their side, which they don’t. The Illinois Supreme Court cleared the way for Burris to be properly credentialed, and if need be, so will the Supreme Court of the United States.  Pretty pathetic for Harry Reid and Dick Durbin to still be having a temper tantrum refusing to seat Burris, when his taking Obama’s senate seat is virtually inevitable.  I am sure the entire escapade will improve their already tawdry 9% approval rating for Congress.

Then, Congressional Democrats start slow opposition of some of Obama’s appointments.  The list now includes Eric Holder, Leon Panetta, and Sanjay Gupta among others.  Ironically, I also have reservations regarding these candidates, and am not sure I would support them; but you would think Democrats would organize enough to oppose these candidates behind closed doors, before the trial balloon takes flight.

May the penultimate stupidity of the week from Democrats is their opposition to quick passage of Barack Obama’s stimulus plan, not to mention some staunch opposition to items within the plan.  This speaks volumes about how Washington works.  For example, several Congressman want more say in how dollars will be spent for transportation infrastructure (i.e. they want MORE earmarks).  Several aides claimed that Congressional members wanted to take more credit for the spending plans directly, instead of letting governors of individual states spend the money the way they see best (thus giving the governors more credit for the spending).  This is classic inside the beltway politics.

Second, Democrats basically said they don’t want to move fast.  They will wait until late February to pass a bill.  What they don’t seem to get is that Obama’s honeymoon period is on a ticking clock from the moment of the inauguration.  Obama will never have the support he has on January 20, 2009 any other time in his tenure.  But clearly, the Democrats, especially the senate, want to show they have a backbone; which I find highly questionable.  What else would make Harry Reid say the following:

Sure, the griping Democrats are having visions of President Bill Clinton’s early deficit reduction plan which — while a success — made lots of them feel like Republicans. And they don’t want to repeat the Republican rubber-stamp mind-set of blindly following a president for the last eight years — into an unpopular war, an economic crisis, and finally, over the cliff.

“I do not work for Barack Obama. I work with him.”

Um, yeah.  Look Senator Reid, your power now is virtually nil.  First, everyone knows you are maybe the most incompetent Majority Leader in modern history.  Second, Obama doesn’t really give a rat’s ass what you think; he will work around you, and with Republicans, if necessary.  This is just Senate Democrats having a temper tantrum ala 1993 with Bill Clinton all over again.

Ultimately, this is a question of leadership.  Obama, despite criticisms of specific plans, is showing leadership.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, among others, are playing politics.  The Democratic party will only truly succeed if both sides can put their egos aside and work together.  So far, that does not seem possible.



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