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Note to Republicans: Wake Up!!! January 15, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Don't worry if this is the image the media portrays...grow a backbone!

Don't worry if this is the image the media portrays...grow a backbone!

This past week saw the first important hearings into Cabinet positions for the Obama administration.  And although I do not expect major opposition to any of them, I expect some level of criticism to face these candidates, atleast from the loyal opposition.

I have seen none at all.

The only real opposition has come to Tim Geithner.  And that was hand delivered on a silver platter. Eric Holder likely will get tough questions today, especially regarding the Clinton era pardons.

During the Hillary Clinton hearings, most of the Republican Senators were absent all together.  Ms. Clinton will now be in charge of one of the most important departments in the government, and Republicans can’t bother to ask a few stinging questions in the name of the American public?

Republicans, especially in the Senate, need to grow a spine.  Wake up.  You lost in 2008.  So what.  The first week of the 111th Congress was an embarrassment, one you don’t want to forget, becuase it is specifically the way NOT to act as the minority.

I am not asking for them to oppose Ms. Clinton or anyone else in their Cabinet nomination.   That isn’t the point.  The goal of the loyal opposition is to pose dissent and questions that the majority will never do.  Ask the tough questions, even if the nominees are your friends.  Make Mr. Holder defend the Marc Rich pardons, more than just saying that he had no idea what he was doing.  Make him defend the Elian Gonzalez mess.  These are legitimate questions.  Make them face up to the difficulties that lie ahead.  After they answer the questions, if you still want to vote for them, please do so.  The media will hate you for grilling the nominees, but ultimately, that is your job.  Grow a backbone.  But please, wake up, and do your jobs.



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