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Obama and Bush Like Each Other? January 16, 2009

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As amazing at it is, it is true.

Bush and Obama in the Oval Office

Bush and Obama in the Oval Office

Despite cricizing him on almost an hourly basis for the two years of the presidential campaign, Barack Obama states that he likes Bush and thinks he is a good man.

“I mean, I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with CNN’s John King.  “He made the best decisions that he could at times under some very difficult circumstances…That does not detract from my assessment that over the last several years, we have made a series of bad choices and we are now going to be inheriting the consequences of a lot of those bad choices.”

Asked if there was anything he wanted to take back, now that he has spent more time with the president, Obama praised Bush’s team for helping with a smooth transition and said part of what America is about is being able to have “disagreements politically and yet treat each other civilly.”

This is where Obama is at his best.  While Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other shrill politicans on the left continue to bash George W. Bush, Obama is able to admit the good in the man, and still disagree with him politically.  Obama understands that the political polarization in this country is made up of two sides, not one, and is doing what he can to bridge the gap.  This is where Obama is a spectacular politician.  The more that he is able to convince conservatives that he is willing to listen to them, although not always agree with them, the more likely that he is to get some right wing support for his proposals.



1. Marc L - January 16, 2009

Guarenteed, in several years the Bush legacy will improve. Here is why. Obama, now once the campaign is over, admits he likes Bush. The campaign rhetoric is not needed anymore. He won. Over the next few years, he starts talking about some policies that President Bush enacted that actually were good for the Country. We start to learn of things the President has done in eight years that we didn’t know he did because the media only likes to talk about the bad things. That’s entertainment. That’s what sells. The day to day negativity towards President Bush we now hear is no longer because he is out of the spotlight, so everyone, with their short term memories, forgets how they feel now. Next thing you know, people are actually realizing that most of their hatred for President Bush was not really based on logic, but instead emotion. I am not saying President Bush will be the greatest ever, just very misunderstood, and much better than he is given credit for.

2. TACO - January 16, 2009

Send Bush and all his cohorts and their families to Gitmo. And let them stay a year and each day get water boarded to find out if it is torture. Then after a year they can explain how much they looked forward to their non torture practice. And how much more they would like to endure.

3. Jeff - January 16, 2009

Has Obama swapped his cigarettes for something stronger?

There is no other explanation.

4. Dude! - January 17, 2009

Marc L ya hit it right on the head. Nothing more than media driven partisan hatred has been spewed by people only to be blinded by it and to later see the light. After some time, they may wish he was back in office again or someone like him just for the policies alone. Already Obama and the dems can’t get their crap straight and can’t even agree on how to ruin, I mean, “fix” the country.

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