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Video of Hudson River Plane Landing January 17, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Random.
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I used to fly from LaGuardia all the time…and when we used to land, flying over water, I often used to think, “Man, it would suck to land in the water in winter.”  Below is real time video of the plane landing; you will see the plane entering from the left.  Additional news and videos can be seen here.



1. wad spicer - January 17, 2009

No birds in the engine. What was that explosion? Shootdown. Hey an engine is missing! Where’d it go? Shootdown. SAM from just off the runway. NTSB = No Telling Secrets Bureau. Birds…yeah, right.

neoavatara - January 17, 2009

And there was no real moon landing, ala Capricorn One…

2. mike - January 19, 2009

The really amazing thing about this landing was the series of decisions that was made before the ditch. The day after this happened, my commercial pilot buddies were flying this scenario in the simulator, and each time they were able to land with the same result. The smooth water, combined with the fact that the pilot used flaps at the last second, made the difference. He did forget to hit the “water ditch” switch, though, lol. That’s why the back of the plane sank first. No biggie

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