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Israel Declares Unilateral Ceasefire January 18, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in World Politics.
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Isreal declared a unilateral ceasefire on Saturday evening, with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declaring that Israel had met all of its intial goals for the mission.    Hamas quickly followed suit, declaring a 1 week ceasefire.  Israel has started to remove troops from Palestinian land, although they have stated that they reserve the right for more action if rockets are fired.  Aprroximatelyh 15 Qassam rockets were fired after the ceasefire went into effect.

Whether Israel truly achieved anything with this incursion is up for debate.  Certainly, in the short term they have devastated the ability of Hamas to function.  The political and military wings of Hamas on in shambles.  This was certainly no repeat of the Lebanon/Hezbollah war of 2006.  Israel had this mission well planned, with overwhelming forces, and virtually crushed Gaza in two days.  Whether there are any longterm benefits from this mission will have to be seen.



1. malik11397 - January 18, 2009

The purposes of this destruction was different to tell the people that Israel had left behind the ghosts of the Lebanon fiasco of 2006. Also, it would have given new higher rating to Israeli leaders. Unfortunately, Palestinian have to be killed to let the Israeli electorate know the electability of their new leaders. It is not the electorate decisions, it is how many people these leaders had killed. Why this destruction was started only few weeks ago during Bush’s clock, and stopped only one day shy of Obama’s inauguration? The Hollywood does not have to make any holocaust movies anymore, they people of the world had just seen live on their TVs with the destruction of Gaza and the massacre of innocent people of Palestine origin.

2. svet fro - January 18, 2009
3. johnrj08 - January 18, 2009

So sad, reading malik’s comment here. This is the kind of distortion of reality that creates perpetual war in the Mideast. In 2007, Israel instituted a blockade of Gaza when Hamas was irresponsibly voted into power. Hamas’ stated objective is to ignite a pan-Arab holy war against Israel and wipe it off the map. Its leaders refer to Israel as “an offense to God”. During the last “hudna”, Hamas devoted its energy to continual preparations for a war which it fully intended to provoke. Now, with this current cease-fire, it will no doubt use the relative peace to re-build its stockpile of missiles from Iran and re-constitute its system of tunnels into Egypt. No thinking human being should believe anything that comes out of Gaza today, nor can they expect Israel to negotiate with a group that believes Israel has no right to exist. Hamas and its supporters conveniently forget that the Jews called Palestine home more than 1,500 years before the birth of Mohammed, and that it was ruled from Jerusalem by King David and King Solomon. To say that the Jewish people have no right to exist in Israel denies world history. And, to continue fighting with Israel for that reason is a smoke-screen for religious hatred and bigotry. Until the people of Gaza decide that they want peace more than they want dead Israelis and they throw Hamas out of power, long-term peace in that region will continue to be elusive. The great irony is, if the Palestinian people showed any genuine willingness to live in peace with Israel, the borders could be open and that part of the world would become the garden spot it once was.

4. Paul - January 18, 2009

A week-long opportunity to smuggle rockets and other munitions into Gaza. The Hamas does not care for its people other than that they die as “martyrs” as seen by the western press. Terrorists have one objective: terror and they believe that they are justified in killing and torture. They will not make deals with the enemy. But they will lie to them.

5. peacefull2009 - January 18, 2009

The whole war was planned many month before it started and the time was chosen strategically as well. Hamas broke the ceasefire was just one of very many excuses.
People who think that hamas is solely to blame for this are delusional. Even if all hamas leaders will be killed, with occupation of Palestinian land there is a new generation of Hamas leaders that was just created by this war. And the sad part is that the israeli seem never learn from their mistakes. Violence can never bring peace. No amount of weapon will save you.

6. blue proctor - January 18, 2009

Only to benefit Hamas by resupply and regroup. Why did Israel allow this? Because of Obama? Silly at best. They should keep up the pressure until Hamas is wiped out. The rats have been holed up in the tunnels and running out of Iranian missiles. They are not stopping the rockets. All Israel need to do is: see they kept it up, Now we will keep it on until their end. THe only peace possible here is the peace of the grave. Can’t reason or negociate with terrorists who think that God is on their side. EVERYTHING out of Gaza is a lie and a manipulation of Islamic propaganda. They are adepts at staging disasters like these.

7. peacefull2009 - January 18, 2009

Thanks svet fro for the link. I just watched the video and will pass it around. Everyone should watch it.

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