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Now, The Hard Part… January 21, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Economy, Health Care.
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Satellite image next to the Capitol Building during the Inauguration

Satellite image next to the Capitol Building during the Inauguration

Image from Capitol to Washington Monument; Large groupings of people are around large monitors.

Image from Capitol to Washington Monument; Large groupings of people are around large monitors.

O.K., the fun and games are over. The inauguration, with over 1.4 million people watching, was moving, no doubt about it.  And no, I don’t think there were 2 million people there…I have been there for Fourth of July fireworks when two million supposedly have been there, and there seemed to be more people filling the entire mall to the Lincoln Memorial than were there yesterday.  Above, you can see satellite images proving my point.  But still, to pull out that many on a cold January day is amazing; and definitely the largest inauguration in history.

But soon after the bumbling oath was taken (to me, seemingly more Justice Roberts fault than Obama’s), reality set in, and from the unlikeliest of sources:  President Obama.  Mr. Obama gave one of the most dour and serious inaugural speeches in modern history.  His message was somewhat scattered, but basically it came down to this:  Things are bad, are going to get worse, and only our toil, sweat, and tears will make it better.  Not exactly Reagan’s ‘shining city on a hill’.  If the crowd was looking for an uplifting keynote address, it was disappointed.

But in many ways, the speech was the ideal one for the moment.  Two wars are still underway.  The economy is sinking.  And the federal deficit is ballooning.  So things are tough, and Obama was trying to get his supporters to leave behind the lofty rhetoric of the campaign, and enter the new phase of governing reality.

Obama instantly got to work.  He quickly sent up nominations for most of his cabinet.  He halted the few Bush regulations that were made in the last few weeks (Bush made fewer than almost any president in history, ironically).  Obama stopped military tribunals at Gitmo for 120 days, until a review was finished.  And today, he will be meeting his economic and military personnel to show the way forward.

But for the first time since Mr. Obama entered the national spotlight, we will get specifics from him.  So far, he has been able to avoid setting any policy in stone; that will end today.  He must quickly declare where his administration is going on the large issues of the day; none of us really no the truth on this score.   And the days of bashing G.W. Bush are over.  This is now the Obama era; and the responsibility as such falls soley on his back.



1. Jeff of Peoria - January 21, 2009

His desk is too clean.. he has more work to do that I and he has NOTHING on his desk and mine is trashed

neoavatara - January 21, 2009

I have a sign above my desk: ‘An uncluttered desk is a sign of a sick mind…’

2. Akira - January 21, 2009

The Master has already issued an order to close down the military tribunals at Gitmo. The judge is considering whether he is obliged to comply.

Note that 5 defendants on Monday shouted that they were guilty of plotting the 9-11 attacks, and demanded the death penalty.

Another tribunal is dealing with the murder charge against Omar Khadr.

Maybe they could be all be moved to the White House. Jefe Obama could set them up in his daughters’ bedroom…

On Obomber’s role as Khadr’s saviour:


Note that the terrorist Khadr family owes the families of two US soldiers $102,600,000.


“Sgt. Layne Morris and Sgt. Speer’s widow Tabitha…launched a joint civil suit against the estate of Khadr – claiming that the father’s failure to control Omar resulted in the loss of Speers’ life and Morris’ right eye. Since American law doesn’t allow civil lawsuits against “acts of war”, Speer and Morris relied on the argument that Omar throwing a grenade was an act of terrorism, rather than war. Utah District Judge Paul Cassell gave his ruling on February 17, 2006, awarding $102.6 million in damages, approximately $94 million to Speer and $8 million to Morris in what he said likely marks the first time terrorist acts have resulted in civil liabilities. It has been suggested that the plaintiffs might collect funds via the U.S. Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, but since the Federal government is not bound by civil rulings, it has refused to release Khadr’s frozen assets.”

neoavatara - January 21, 2009

The judge has agreed to the order. What he will do in response, and still follow the Congressional orders passed in 2007, I don’t know.

3. Akira - January 21, 2009

So 5 men confessed in court to plotting 9-11, and Obama ordered their release the next day.

Yes, that really is “CHANGE!”

4. Akira - January 21, 2009

Actually they’ve been trying to confess in court for two years now.

THey confessed to investigators in 2007.

“On December 8, 2008, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-defendants told the judge that they wished to confess and plead guilty to all charges. The plea will be delayed until mental competency hearings for Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi and Ramzi Binalshibh can be held; Mohammed said, “We want everyone to plead together.” Spencer Ackerman, writing in the Washington Independent, reported that Presiding Officer Stephen Henley had to consider whether he was authorized to accept guilty pleas.”

Finally their confessions were accepted, and then The Obamassiah steps in to save them.

Prediction: If they’re moved to the US and put on trial in the regular court system, they’ll immediately renounce their confessions and force the government to spend five years in court prosecuting, with their lawyers trying to get classified information made public every step of the way.

Thanks Barawk!

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