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Obama to order Gitmo closed January 21, 2009

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President Obama is to quickly sign executive orders drafting plans to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

The plan is to close the facility within a year.  They plan to systematic overhaul the policies at the center, and review all active cases.  Maybe most controversial will be a proposal to use the Army Field Manual as the guide for all interrogations.

The Obama Administration believes that the military tribunals are fundamentally flawed.  Thus, they are looking for alternative ways to handle the prisoners.  Approximately 21 of the 245 prisoners have been accused of crimes; another 60 have been cleared for release.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, has introduced legislation that would close the Guantanamo detention facility. It calls for detainees’ cases to be disposed of in the following ways: charge the detainees with crimes and try them in the United States through the federal courts or military justice system, transfer them to an international tribunal, send them to their homeland or to the custody of another country, hold them as prisoners of war or release them.

There is only one problem with these proposals.  No foreign or internation tribunal is willing to take these detainees, atleast the highest threat prisoners.  And the few countries that have been willing to take some prisoners have already done so; the remaining prisoners set for release really have no where to go.  So those prisoners will be our responsibility.  Additionally, putting these criminals in federal courts in full of barriers.  Were they read Miranda rights?  Were they ‘harshly interrogated’, and if so, would that negate any conviction based on constitutional grounds?

And maybe the most basic question.  Federal courts, or any U.S. court, has the principle of innocent until proven guilty.  If they win at trial, is the Obama administration really going to release them?  Because unless they are willing to entertain that possibility, then the trials are just kangaroo courts for show.



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