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Beginning of the Democratic Pushback January 22, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Nobody should be surprised by this, as I and many others had predicted this for months.  Both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have forcefully come out with proposals that contradict President Obama’s own policies.  Pelosi, for one, wants to immediately roll back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans.  Obama is reluctant to do this is a recession, and wisely so.  Reid would like to quickly pass bills on stronger union and trade policies.  Obama has seemed resistant to this as well.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Reid was very forceful, stating that he works, ‘with Obama, not for him.’  Of course, that is true.  But in practical means Reid has no political capital.  What the Congress will likely learn quickly is that Obama did earn a mandate in November; but the mandate was not just in favor of Democrats versus Republicans.  It was in favor of Obama over old time Democrats, including Reid and Pelosi.

Just look at popularity polls.  Obama is hovering around 70%.  Congress?  20%, or 15% points below the ‘hated’ George Bush.  Pelosi and Reid are despised in some quarters, and even Democrats are not fully behind them.

So the Democratic Congress can fool themselves as long as they want in thinking they are coequal with Obama.  It is just not true in reality.  Obama has a mandate over the Republicans AND Democrats right now.  The sooner Democrats learn that the better.  Otherwise, we will have a 1993 like process playing out, with the Democratic White House and Democratic Congress fighting, and Republicans standing on the sidelines laughing in glee.  For the Democrats, success depends on the intelligence of Pelosi and Reid to realize that they are subservient to Obama.  If I were them, I wouldn’t want to depend on the intelligence of those two either.



1. John White - January 22, 2009

I find myself in the odd position of wanting to stand behind President Obama on the issue of taxes. This goes to show how truly “out of touch” Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid are with how the world works and how their elitist liberal idealogy will always outrule common sense in their minds. I hope Pres. Obama has the will to stand up to these dyed in the wool liberals who want nothing more than to raise taxes and spend more of our hard earned money.

2. johnrj08 - January 22, 2009

I don’t mind if Pelosi and Reid ‘push back’. That’s part of the process. I think what they’ll soon find is that they’re in over their heads when it comes to dealing with Obama, who has twice their combined intellects and a gargantuan mandate for change.

3. Eric Cartman - January 22, 2009

It would have been nice if these two useless slugs had developed that backbone against the Republicans. Instead, the rolled over everytime Bush wanted something. Now they go against their own leader. Get rid of them.

4. ChrisE - January 22, 2009

I DO mind if they push back. Obama needs all the support he can get to push over these gargantuan obstacles and problems he’s been left with. This just increases my contempt for Pelosi (especially) and Reid.

5. Aragorn - January 22, 2009

Stand aside Pelosi and Reid. You are letting your egos get the best of you. The American public voted overwhelmingly for Obama because they trust him to affect change and get the job done. Collectively, we hold very little regard for Congressional politicians, as you will clearly find in 2 years when obstructionists are voted out of office.

6. Dag - January 22, 2009

Agree wholeheartedly with Johnrj08. I’m still trying to figure out how Peolosi got to where she’s at.

And just a side note. $250,000 a year for a household with two children who are college bound sure doesn’t go a heck of a long way nowadays. Realize there are many that make much less, but I can attest that at this earning rate, we don’t get ANY breaks as do the families making less money.

Life happens to everyone. We’ve had a daughter undergo open heart surgery this year, myself go through breast cancer and also perhaps toughest of all — get an absolute hammering by the wonderful Alternative Minimum Tax — an attrocity to the American taxpayor.

Yes, we are more than willing to pay our fair share of taxes. The word “fair” here should be looked at by our government.

Luckily we have insurance and are thankful we do, yet we have still paid thousands of dollars out of pocket for these health issues as well as footing travel, hotel, meals, etc etc. to deal with these big health concerns. We could not help but note those who were getting an absolutely free ride on these items at our hotel while out of town with our daughter having her open heart, and amazingly — were disheartened to see these people complaining about the free services they were getting.

At the age of 46, with a 25-plus-year successful hard-earned career after getting myself through college, I have to wonder if it’s all been worth my effort to make a good living when I see the free handouts happening all around me — many to people who are just plain not willing to work. Have to wonder with the new administration where this will go from here. It’s gotten to the point, where I am considering quitting my job and letting my husband be the sole wage earner. We simply cannot afford for me to work any more based on the current tax structure. So where does that put our economy when scores of others in our position will decide to do the same. It’s people like us have been stimulating the economy — not dragging it. I am encouraged that perhaps Mr. Obama does get this unliked Pelosi and her ilk who irritate me to no end.

7. A Texas - January 22, 2009

I agree with AAROGON It is business as usual” for the two faced, talk out of both sides of their face, congressman

Don’t re-elect anybody, and then limit the new congressmen to one 6 tear term. Also they cannot come back for 12 years more. And while we’re at it cut their salaries and budgets in half-and make them be on Social Security only for retirement-matbe throw in a 401K. This I hope would get people into Congress that really want to do something for the country.

8. Daniel - January 22, 2009

If the Dems are not all lockstep behind Obama, then the whole idea of the DNC choosing a nominee for their party in election time is in serious need of revision.

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