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Obama to GOP: “I Won.” January 23, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Economy, Politics.
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Obama, the coming of the messiah?  Not yet...

Obama, the coming of the messiah? Not yet...


And he is right.

This statement came up in discussions with Republicans regarding the stimulus package.  Republicans took issue with some programs that they thought was a waste.  For example, hundreds of millions of dollars spent on contraceptives; exactly how is that going to stimulate the economy?  (It may stimulate something else all together, but that is beside the point.)  They also suggested that instead of tax credits to the poor, they reduce the lowest tax rates by 5% each.  Obama did not appear to be open to those suggestions.  And it looks like he will support Congressional Democrats in their push to expand the already $825 Billion stimulus plan.

Look, ultimately, Obama has a mandate.  You can argue about how large a mandate it is, and how much leeway he deserves, but the mandate exist.

But Obama forgets one thing.  41 U.S. Senators have mandates from their states to push conservative ideals.  Republican senators must unite.  They should NOT block Obama for the sake of blocking him.  They should threaten to block him if the stimulus package is ridiculous in scope and effect.  Programs should actually provide financial stimulus, not just be a boondoggle.  The number of programs being leaked that show waste of dollars is obscene. 

Mr. Obama should be respected, because he did win, and he does have a mandate; but that by no means that Republicans or dissenting Democrats  should bow before the throne of Obama.  It is our job to fight the good fight, but not obstruct for no reason.  It is a tough balance, but it is not one we should shy away from.  Hopefully, moderate Republican Senators will remember that.



1. Gilmour Poincaree - January 23, 2009

Republicans and their alikes, better known as ‘dissenting Democrats’, better not obstruct to make a scene … we are all watching them closely …

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