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So much for sunshine disclosure… January 23, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Hillary Clinton was confirmed yesterday by a 94-2 vote in the Senate as Secretary of State.  Some people, including John Cornyn, Senator from Texas, were not against the confirmation, but had asked for more financial disclosures regarding the Clinton Foundation.  Many, including persons in the media, Democrats, and even John McCain, attacked Cornyn for asking these questions.

Today, we learn that there are some donors of the Foundation that are being kept silent.  And even on further question, both the foundation and now Secretary Clinton are refusing to disclose the donors.   This is why it annoys me so much that people were resistant to asking questions during the confirmation.  That is the time to ask questions!  I am a strong believer that Presidents have the right to pick personnel as they see fit, and ultimately I would very likely have supported confirmation of Ms. Clinton.  But the lack of oversight is embarrassing.  And this factoid definitely flies in the face of President Obama’s supposed increased disclosures for the executive branch.

To compound matters, less than 48 hours after implement new ethics rules for his administration, Obama waived them for William Lynn, his nominee for Deputy Secretary of Defense. Lynn was a Defense lobbyist last year.  What is the point of ethics rules when you will waive them whenever you feel like it?



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