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Mr. Obama’s Economy January 28, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Obama is now captain...hopefully not of a sinking ship.

You can mark January 28, 2009 as the day that Mr. Obama really takes the reigns of the economy.  In a 222-188 vote, with all Republicans and 12 Democrats voting against the measure, the $819 billion stimulus package passed.  It is the largest spending bill in American history, and was passed with little debate.  It now goes on to the Senate for further discussion.

Obama did try valiantly to get Republican support.  Ultimately, it was not Obama’s lobbying that mattered.  And as for Mr. Obama’s appeal, obviously the answer  is:  None.

On two levels it did not make sense for Republicans to vote for it.  First of all, idealogically there is little if anything in the bill that the Republicans stand for (or atleast, should stand for).  The bill dramatically increases the size of government, increases spending and the deficit, and increases regulation.  On a second point, politically it made no sense for Republicans to vote for it.  Their supporters are against it, as are about 50% of the public.  And if the stimulus bill works, they will get none of the credit for the success of the bill; while if it fails, voting for it would give Democrats cover.

Clearly, Mr. Obama isn’t responsible for what happens in the economy tomorrow, or the next month, or even the next six months.  But he has now firmly taken the helm of the sinking ship.  And once taking command, the captain either sails off into the sunset, or goes down with the ship.



1. Victor Swindell - January 29, 2009

This is the message that I sent to my Congressional Leaders
I urge anyone who wants to stop this madness to follow suite
Dear Senator

First I would like to state that I’m all in favor of legislation designed to truly stimulate this economy. I’m in favor of any spending that will create jobs, improve this country infrastructure including repairing ageing dams, and our fragile electric grid, and spending to aid aging schools and federal building like the veterans hospitals. What I am not in favor of is spending MY MONEY on ANYTHING that has NOTHING to do with the above. I would like not only the names of the senators who added these items to be listed, but all of these items to be GUTTED from the current bill proposal.

To quote someone
If this is such an emergency, hold the pork. If there’s room for pork in the bill, it isn’t an emergency.

For example what is the purpose of SEC. 503.
If any money is allocated to go to any persons or institutions such as the National Gallery of the Arts, these must be removed from this bill,

Other wise Vote NO and encourage all other senators of conscience to do so.

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