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The Politics of Fear January 28, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Economy, Politics.
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Hope?  Fear?  It is all the same for Mr. Obama...

Hope? Fear? It is all the same for Mr. Obama...



So much for ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’

When George W. Bush rightfully stated that there was an existential threat from terrorists and jihadists, the liberal press had a seizure, stating that he was playing into fear politics.  I guess the reality of 9/11, the Madrid and London bombings, and other threats isn’t real enough for them.

But we now see the flip side of the coin.  Mr. Obama, rightfully so, is claiming that this will be a terrible economic crisis. Who is to argue that?  But is this also not the politics of fear?

Democrats, including Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, have all stated that failure to pass a stimulus package would be catastrophic.  And that Republican opposition is ‘unAmerican’ (their word, not mine).  They are pushing fear on the American populace every bit as much as the Bush administration did with the terror threat.  They are stating that you support the stimulus bill in its current form, or you are destroying the lives of Americans.

I never like it when an ultimatum is given because lack of passage of a bill would be ‘catastrophic’.  Nonsense.  Government thinks itself too important.  Yes, the stimulus could help, and could lessen the damage to every day citizens.  But is Obama, or anyone else, claiming it will stop unemployment from reaching 9-10%?  No, they are not claiming anything of the sort.  So the pain will come, regardless of what passes in the stimulus package. The stimulus could lessen the depths of the current recession, but are almost certainly unlikely to stop it.

I think people should take an objective look at how this is being portrayed.  Because this is just another chapter in the politics of fear.  I am not saying that Obama’s proposals are right or wrong.  I am just stating an obvious fact.



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