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This is who Al Franken doesn’t want counted… January 28, 2009

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The Minnesota Senate recount has now entered the trial phase, and it is uncertain how long this will take.  Norm Coleman is asking for a statewide uniform recount, especially of thousands of absentee votes that were thrown out (using multiple different standards that were written on a county-by-county basis.

Gerald Anderson, St. Paul native

Gerald Anderson, St. Paul native

Well, Coleman’s attorneys started with a blind, 75 year old senior from St. Paul, Gerald Anderson, who I was surprised to note I knew as a patient in Minneapolis. Anderson, who walked to the witness stand with a cane, said he voted absentee in the November election but found out only about a week to 10 days ago from the Republican Party that his ballot was rejected.

“I first voted for [President Dwight] Eisenhower,” said Anderson. He said his ballot was rejected “for no good reason,” adding, “perhaps my signature is not quite as good as it once was. … Things have changed a little bit.  My vote’s worth nothing anymore. Maybe I’m worth nothing — I don’t know,” he said. “I’m entitled to my vote.”

And morons like Paul Begala want Coleman to concede.  Why, because you guys know you are about to lose? Begala argues that Minnesota is missing out on its influence in the Senate.  You gotta be kidding.  If the majority of voters voted against Franken, I think they will be happy to be without his representation.   How absurd.

Let Al Franken and liberals defend that…



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