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Where was the outrage for Liberals hoping Bush failed? January 28, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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First Obama stimulus?  To Rush Limbaugh...

I find the whole Rush Limbaugh ‘controvery’ so funny.  For eight years, or even before Bush took office, Democrats were begging for him to fail.  Does anyone remember that the Congressional Black Caucus stated that they hoped Bush would fail because he was an ‘illegitimate’ President?  Or Arianna Huffington basically pleading for Bush to fail in his Social Security reform proposition?

Now, all of a sudden, there is ‘anger’ about Rush Limbaugh asking for Obama to fail.  So much so, Democrats are starting a petition against Rush.  Really.  I can’t make this stuff up.

Well, I don’t agree with Rush.  I want Obama to succeed, if what you mean is maintaining peace and prospserity.  I just don’t think he will accomplish that with the liberal proposals so far suggested.  I don’t ‘hope’ for Obama’s failure anymore than I would hope for my own demise.  That said, the fake anger over the Rush comments are quite absurd, and laughable.

The irony of all this?  Whenever one of these ‘controversies’ occur, Rush loves it; his listener numbers increase, the mainstream media pays more attention to what he is saying (anxiously waiting for him to throw another ‘bomb’), and getting him more mainstream playing timeRush will talk about Obama’s attack on him for years; heck, he still talks about Bill Clinton’s comment regarding him from 1995.

Liberals never learn their lesson.  This anger is so artifical and fake, it does nothing but make them look foolish.  Sure, Rush should not have said what he said, atleast in the way he said it.  But the current fury is ridiculous.



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