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Another step toward peace (and victory) in Iraq January 31, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in History, Politics, World Politics.
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If you want proof that democracy has a chance to succeed in Iraq, today was the day to see it.  In the first provincial elections since 2005, a virtually violent election day for the first time demonstrated that Sunnis, as well as Shiites and Kurds, can buy into the reality of the voting system.  The Sunnis, who largely boycotted the last election, realized it was in their best interests to become part of the political dialogue, and voted in high numbers today.  It is estimated that greater than 70% of eligible voters voted (more than in the U.S., by the way).

This was by far the clearest example of success in Iraq by Allied forces.  There is a clear path toward establish a fair and just government.  And for all the errors made in the past, and despite naysayers speaking to the contrary, success in Iraq for us is within grasp.



1. Dale - January 31, 2009

Gee, where are all the Nancey Pelosi lead “Bush Bashers”: out there? To busy worshiping President Obama? Oh I see, Bush’s plan worked and now you have noting to say; interesting.

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