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Judd Gregg to jump ship? February 1, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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Most reports are now saying that Sen. Judd Gregg, Republican from New Hampshire, will be President Obama’s choice as Commerce Secretary.  As secretary, he would be an excellent pick, and is an excellent selection.

The problem comes within the senate itself.  Losing Gregg puts the Republicans in limbo.  If Al Franken wins the recount contest in Minnesota, and Gregg is replaced with a Democrat by the Democratic governor of New Hampshire, Democrats would reach the magical 60 vote mark in the Senate.  This would basically mean that Republicans would have no voice at all in any wing of the government.

Normally I would be happy for Gregg, but if he allows Democrats to take the 60 seat mark in the Senate, he is truly disappointing the entire party, and the nation as far as I am concerned. It is vital that the Senate remains the last bulwark to extremism in the Democratic Party.  If Gregg can work out a deal where the replacement is a Republican, that would be fine.  Short of that, I would ask Sen. Gregg to seriously think if what he is doing is in the best interests of the party, and the nation.

Sen. Gregg, a proud American

Sen. Gregg, a proud American

UPDATE:  It now appears that Sen. Gregg will be offered, and will accept, the position of Commerce Secretary, and will likely be replaced in the Senate by his former Chief of Staff,  Bonnie Newman.  This will keep the balance of power in the Senate stable.



1. Mr Pink Eyes - February 1, 2009

I also would normally be happy for Gregg, and I do feel some pride in the fact that my senator might be chosen for a cabinet post, but the prospect of the Democrats having a 60 vote majority really throws a wet blanket on it.
There is talk in New Hampshire that Gregg is working on a deal with Lynch to keep the seat in Republican hands and that he won’t leave unless he has that promise. I don’t hink that that is going to happen but I would love to see Lynch give the seat to John Sununu who lost his seat last November.

2. SamdeestyZeda - November 23, 2009

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