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Era of Responsibility? February 2, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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This almost seems like Groundhog Day (oh wait, it is!).

My obligatory Groundhog Day reference...

My obligatory Groundhog Day reference...

I have become more and more irate as I have heard more of these tax scandals arise with President Obama’s nominees.  And nothing irritates me more than their attempts to assuage our worries.  Everytime, the same answer:  ‘These men are too important not to be confirmed, regardless of previous transgressions.

The two most well known of these perpetrators are Tim Geihtner and Tom Daschle.  Geitner was confirmed, and Daschle almost certainly will be.  Both errors were portrayed as small missteps.  I guess hundreds of thousands of dollars of unstated income is not signficant.  Of course, if you or I did this, the penalties would be quite severe.   But these guys?  Apparently the price for Democratic leaders is a place on the President’s cabinet.

Frankly, Mr. Obama should be ashamed.  He promised ‘an era of responsibility’, in his own words.  Well, so far he has failed.  Responsibility starts at home, and his house is in disarray.  And today, he restated his support for Dascle, stating that ‘he stands behind him’.  The question arises, what would he have to do for Obama to lose confidence?  Kill someone?  Take bribes?  Where does one draw the line?  Responsibility is more than just rhetoric, and on this issue, rhetoric is all we have received from the President.



1. Joseph Fattal - February 2, 2009

WE need to give Mr.Obama some credit over Geitner, and Daschel. If it wasn’t for his choice, their tax issue will never would have surface, and they would have never got caught. Now, they have to pay it back. Maybe that’s what Mr.Obama was talking, when he mentioned something about changes. If eveyone he chooses has a tax problem, unpaid taxes in other words, the IRS will love him for it. Go Obama, Go Obama. Yes we can.

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