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Bye Bye Honeymoon…it was nice while it lasted. February 4, 2009

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Well, even Superman has Kryptonite...

Well, even Superman has Kryptonite...

We all knew that Barack Obama’s honeymoon was limited.  But I predicted that it would last atleast 6 months.

Well, I was off by 5 and a 1/2 months.

Two weeks into his Presidency, you have LIBERALS asking if this is the worst start to a Presidency.  Now, that is ridiculous  hyperbole.  Hell, William Henry Harrions died four weeks into his presidency.  William Jefferson Clinton had the gays in the millitary issue, and had less than half of his cabinet nominated four weeks in.

So things are bad, but let us put into perspective, people.

But liberals are in a tizzy.  Maureen Dowd points out that Obama, in a Kindergarten class yesterday, where he and Michelle Obama in their own words ‘escaped‘, remarked that “We were just tired of being in the White House.”  Of course, that is only 14 days into his 1461 day presidency.  Yesterday, you had the New York Times (yes, the paper with all the liberal news fit to print!) ask for Daschle to pull his nomination; which he succinctly did.  Of course, this was preceded by a tax problem with his Treasury Secretary (who was quickly confirmed) and followed by his money policy and ethics director (who promptly quit).

And you have numerous publications say that the ‘glow‘ or ‘shine‘ has worn off the presidency (and  yes, they actually use those words; I can’t make this stuff up).  And then, the day was rounded out  by Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s Press Secretary, starting to become flustered by questions by the White House pool; after the cake walk election where they barely got asked anything harder than, ‘What did you eat for breakfast?’, actual questions on policy and bad decisions were hard to answer.

And of course, that doesn’t even start to talk about the stimulus package, which may be in trouble.  A bill, which in theory was supported by 2/3 of the public on inauguration day, now has many doubters.  A Gallup poll shows that while 38% want the stimulus passed as is, 37% want major changes, while 17% want it stopped all together.  Rasmussen now shows 37% support the stimulus, but 43% are against it.  Not a great poll number to start out with for the biggest bill of your inaugural year.

So, not the best two weeks you can imagine.



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