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Malaysian politician and prominent businessman Ubaidulla dies February 5, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Random.


Former veteran politician and prominent businessman Tan Sri S.O.K Ubaidulla Kadir Basha, 93, who died in Kuala Lumpur on January 22, 2009, was known for his humility and philanthropist work and a long history in politics.

Why am I posting about a Malaysian politician?  Because this man was one of my grandfather’s, S. Ekambara Mudaliar, best friends.  And although my grandfather was a Hindu, and Mr. Ubaidullah was a Muslim, they could not have had a closer relationship if they were brothers.  In fact, it was my grandfather that helped Mr. Ubaidullah first travel to Malaysia in the 1930s to make his fortune.  My best memory of Mr. Ubaidullah was in 1995, when I went to Malaysia.  This great man, who had achieved so much in his life, was virtually in tears explaining his love for my grandfather, who he still called ‘MSE’.  He was one of the last links in this world I had to my grandfather, and for some reason that has some emotional impact on me.

My deepest condolences to Mr. Ubaidullah’s wife and sons.

Glory to Thee, O Allah, and Thine is the praise, and blessed is Thy name, and exalted is Thy majesty, and there is none to be served besides Thee.




1. Redscorpion - May 28, 2009

A very touching article indeed. Tan Sri S.O.K Ubaidulla Kadir Basha is one of the highly respected indian origin politicians in Malaysia.

I was wondering whether you could elaborate more about your late grandfather S. Ekambara Mudaliar. Is he from vellore? Was he here in Malaysia. I know one S.Agamberam Mudaliar who is really closely related to me, who was quite prominent in Malaysia long before other indian businessmen!

If they have travelled in 1930s to Malaysia… then we could be talking about the same Mudaliar. Is he your paternal or maternal grandfather? If yes, please tell me the name of your parents.

Please reply to me and confirm if at all he is the same person. We’ll keep in touch and discuss further.

Thank you.

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