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Rising Anger February 5, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Economy, Politics.
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Are people starting to doubt their belief?

Are people starting to doubt their belief?


It was bound to happen, sooner or later; just happened to be sooner.  The last two weeks, the Obama Administration (which almost started like a coronation) has lost a lot of its luster.  Obama promised to be the agent of change.  Instead, they have gotten double talk on lobbyists and ethics, failed nominations, and the most pork laden Congressional bill in American history.

The American public can be fooled for a short time, but not forever.  And for many, the last two weeks have awakened a simple reality: Barack Obama is human.  I know, stunning.  But with the media almost having orgasmic reactions to Obama through out the campaign and inaugural season, reality was hard to come by.  But, one can only hide from the real world for so long.  ‘Change We Can Believe In’ must always become ‘The Reality We Must Believe’.

Despite what many media pundits and commentators have said, the troubles have not come from the Republicans; they have largely arisen on Obama’s side of the aisle.  The stimulus package should have never been handed over to Nancy Pelosi and her hacks, who turned it into a lottery for every liberal group they could think of.  There are serious problems at hand, and instead, Pelosi et. al. are having a shopping spree.  Obama has tried to resist useless spending, so far to no avail.  And this is coming back to haunt him.  And in turn, Republicans who have been so demoralized for the past few months are starting to form some basis to contest Mr. Obama on the key issues of the day; something that Mr. Obama didn’t want to happen.

Polls are still showing strong support for the President, over 60%.  But the stimulus package is now in negative territory, and is in trouble.  Public calls to Congress and to watchdog groups have skyrocketed, and lines to Congressman are jammed.  And largely, this has been a grass roots process; I have heard of no large movement asking people to call.  These are individuals that are disgusted at the way things are going.

Mr. Obama has limited time to save the Stimulus package.  He was right from the get go; the package should be modest and targeted.  The current bill, to use a Republican word, is an ‘abomination’.  The White House must quickly get ahold of the issue, while it still can, or risk losing valuable political capital that is carried over from the election.



1. futiledemocracy - February 5, 2009

I must disagree, the American public were fooled for eight long years.

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