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Obama Draws a Line in the Sand February 6, 2009

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Barack Obama, in a speech at the House Democrat Retreat (which is spending half a million of your tax dollars so they can dine and recline, days after complaining that business bigwigs are wasting money on such things), said that Republicans cannot use the old tired rhetoric of tax cuts to solve everything.

He is absolutely right on that specifically; but he misses the larger point.

Sure, Republicans want more tax cuts; they always will.  It should be in the nature of conservatives to want smaller government and lower taxes, despite the mistakes of the past few years.  However,  they are still willing to compromise on the amount of tax cuts.  In fact, most Republicans are relatively pleased with the cuts that are already within the stimulus bill.

The major hold up is not tax cuts, but ridiculous out of control spending.  And yes, the Republicans were largely responsible for the stupid spending over the past 8 years.  But they should not compound their problems by continuing irresponsible spending.  Obama used this analogy:  “I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV — if you’re headed for a cliff, you’ve got to change direction.”  Precisely.  Unfortunately, it is his own stimulus plan that is accelerating the car toward the cliff.  He accused the Bush administration of doubling the nation debt in 8 years, and he is right.  But his own budget projections will double the national debt in 5 years, or little more than half the time of the previous administration! How exactly  is that change?

Mr. Obama has drawn a line in the sand.  You are with him, or against him.  And this was by far the most sarcastic and spiteful speech I have ever heard from the man.  The last time I heard a speech like this, he was defending his minister for stupid remarks.

Well, he wanted bipartisanship, and that means that he has to give up something as well.  Is he ready to give up the useless spending in the stimulus bill, in order to get the infrastructure spending, green technology, etc. that he really wants? He can yell and scream about the unfairness of Republicans, but right now polls are trending against the President.  He has a limited amount of time to convince the public that the almost $1 trillion he is proposing is being well spent.  Ultimately the success of the stimulus is wholly up to the President, and not up to the Republicans.

You can see the complete speech here:



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